Often times, people live out their lives without letting themselves be who they truly are in the essence of their nature. Most often, from the earliest childhood, we are told to change in order to become ‘better’ than we are. In that way, by fixing what is already perfect, instead of being our unique selves, we are moving further away from that ‘perfection’, to our own detriment.

With the help of Human Design, you can remember your essence - the way of making decisions in accordance with your nature and hidden potentials. 

When we are living out of our authenticity we come to the path of self-love naturally. 


What Human Design can reveal
  • The path to self-love

  • Information on how to make decisions in our lives that are right for us, not with the mind but based on the intelligence that is rooted deep within us

  • The way of functioning of our energy type

  • How to understand ourselves and those around us

  • What are our potentials and gifts we were born with

  • How to raise children according to their true nature

  • How our differences work in all kinds of relationships