My name is Branka Copic and I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia.

I graduated from University of Belgrade, with a degree in Art History.

After graduation, I have pursued further education with the goal of improving my own knowledge of parenting, family and romantic relationships.

I received formal education in Human Design from "Faculty of the International Human Design School“.

My first professional title "Living Your Design Guide" in the area of Human Design, I have acquired in 2011, under the guidance of professor  Genoa Bliven at "IHDS America".

I have furthered my education at "IHDS America" through the program “Professional Analyst Education“ after which, in 2016. I received the title of  "Human Design Analyst".



You can find further information about the titles I have received at "International Human Design School" on the following page "Certified Human Design Professionals"


Before and during my studies of the Human Design system I have studied other areas and techniques of self development, such as: 

- Family constellations (Order of Love by Bert Helinger) from 2004 -2016 under mentorship of Vlado Ilic and Maja Mandic-Markovic

- EFT 1 I 2 (Emotional freedom technique) 2007

- Reconnection 1 i 2 (with dr Eric Pearl) 2009

- Seminars on the Tehnology of new consciousness- based on the studies of Russian scientist Grigoriy Grabovoy 2011-2014

- Psychodynamic life coaching level 1 LCV ( under coach Nebojsa Jovanovic), September 2011

- SUNYOGA seminar, with Sunjogi Umashankar, August 2012


I am particularly proud of my volunteer work on promoting traditional healing techniques as a legitimate health treatment, which has resulted in its approval by the Ministry of public health in Serbia in 2007.