A Unique Bodygraph

You could get the manual to your life by letting me view and analyse the map you can see on the right. 

This map shows who you really are, just the way you were when you were born, and also how to be yourself in your daily life, by following your unique genetic design. 

This illustration is based on your birth data, but, unlike in astrology, it is based on the calculation of 2 different dates. These two each illustrate a different type of consciousness, one is incorporated in our body and the other one which is who we think we are. These two calculations are marked in red on the map (representing our body consciousness) and in black (who we think we are).

Some parts of the map are coloured in, and some are blank. The relationship between the coloured in and the blank elements says everything about us. Elements which are coloured in represent the reliable, consistant aspect of ourselves, and the blank elements are the places where we ‘soak in’ the energy of those around us.

Through this body graph we can find out what is our unique strategy, one which every energy type has as a guide through life. 

The strategy links us to our Inner Authority (the intelligence within our bodies, the inner wisdom which knows what decisions are right for us).

We can see nine different energy centres, which are hubs of information and energy.

(Head, Ajna, Throat, G, Heart / Ego, Sacral, Root, Spleen i Solar plexus).

The centres are the areas which have a special energy significance in the body and are connected with the functions of specific organs.


Human design mandala


Human Design represents a synthesis of Ji Ging, the tree of life from Kabalah, the chakra system, astrology, physics and genetics. 

The inner wheel of mandala presents the 12 signs of zodiac, while the outer wheel consists of 64 hexagrams of Ji Ging and relates to one of the 64 codones in our DNA.

The Mandala has 64 different segments which ‘follow’ the movement of the planets, which is shown as an activation on the wheel of the mandala (a gate) and a corresponding spot on the body graph.






Our unique energy type

A human aura is a unique energy field which surrounds every one of us. This is the way in which we interact with each other. Though we are all completely unique, we all belong to one of these four different types:

Generator (with the subtype of Manifesting generator), Projector,Manifestor or Reflector

Each type has its own strategy for functioning and moving through life.

The types fall into two different categories, in terms of different energy qualities and its quantity: the energy and non-energy types.


Generator (around 70% of the population, including the Manifesting generator subtype)

Generator Manifesting generator
Generator Manifesting generator


They make up the life force of humanity. If you have a defined sacral centre (coloured in red on the bodygraph) you fall into this type. The sacral is a huge generator of energy for work, creation and building. Their aura acts as a powerful magnet, attracting everything they need in life. 

Their strategy is to respond with their gut reaction to everything life offers to them. That gut feeling brings them to choices in professional and private life which bring them pleasure. Their task is to get to know themselves through what they react to with their gut.  

Their answer comes from their stomach, usually in the form of non-verbal sounds such as uh-huh or uh-uh.

When they initiate, instead of responding with their gut feeling, they usually end up feeling frustrated or exhausted.

In order to feel satisfaction, which is the key word for them, they need to be doing what they love. 

We distinguish between Generators and Manifesting Generators. The ‘true’ Generators advance little by little, one step at a time. They react to something and then they pause before they react to something else and move on, while Manifesting Generators move faster ‘skipping the steps’ and are more likely to initiate.



Projector (around 20% of the population)


They are here to lead and guide the energy of others. Their strategy is to wait to be invited, because only when they are invited for their specific talents, can they succeed in their tasks. Through the open centres they can ‘feel’ the others deeply by focusing on their essence. No matter how much they may see the essence of those around them, unless they are formally or energetically invited to share that, they will meet resistance and stay bitter because others won't be able to see what they have to offer. The longer they respect their strategy and inner authority, the more their aura will attract the invitations to share their particular gifts. 

They can really see “what the point is”, but only if they are invited can they reach success. With their energy which is under a lot of influence from the open centres, and without a defined energy generator, the sacral centre, they can easily come to exhaustion. They should pay attention to resting in order to avoid that. 












Manifestor (around 8-9 % of the population).


They function as an unstoppable force which will not be controlled.

They are here to make a lasting impression with their words and actions.

On an energy level, they have a great influence on those around them. Their aura is ‘closed’ and repeals others so that the others don't know what they can expect and on a subconscious level try to control them. This causes Manifestors to feel rage. Their strategy is to inform those around them about their decisions and intentions and in that way avoid the resistance they might meet. This is how they achieve the peace they are aiming for.  






Reflector (less than 1 % of the population)


Their strategy is to wait for the full moon cycle to pass (28.5 days) before making important decisions. They are here to be enchanted by the surprises of life and they present the state of consciousness around them and they have the ability to see who has advanced in their consciousness. None of their centres are defined. For this much openness they have a protective aura, which is only ‘sampling’ the environment. Every day they reflect the situation in the sky and the environment, and therefore don’t have the feeling of consistency. They can only acquire consistency by waiting out for the full moon cycle, and only then they can make a decision.