Essentially, the Human Design System helps us learn how to make decisions that are correct and good for us. Our mind usually tries to mould us to fit somebody else’s models and limitations; when we receive advice from someone, even with the best of intentions, it is not going to be perfectly suited to us: The only true source of knowledge of our uniqueness is the intelligence rooted deeply within us, which we were born with.

We are the energy, moving through the pathways of life, living out its gifts which we have received with a certain purpose.

So, how can we function by following said purpose?

We do that by respecting the two key aspects of Human Design: the Strategy of our type and our Inner authority. If we do so, we won’t encounter the resistance in our environment that could stop us, wear us out and make us feel bad. We will be able to float through life with the sense of purpose and joy. That’s when we are feeling like ourselves, truly unique. 

With all due respect to his highness, The Mind, if we can do something to entertain and distract it, while we move forward with the experiment with our energy, we will be able to listen to the sound of the unique song of our soul. 

I never said it was easy. But I did say this is something only YOU can do for yourself. And if I can support you on your path, I get to hear my own unique song as well.