Reading of your map

With the information you receive from the analyst (Human Design Analyst), you can start making the first steps in the different way of perceiving your life. Since Human Design is an experiment with one’s own energy, the change is created by applying your own energy strategy and respecting your inner authority. 

You must always first get an analisys of your own map, before you can see the way it interacts with your partner’s, child’s or the current situation you find yourself in.

Readings can be carried out in person of via Skype.

(skype name: branka.copic)

Duration: 60 min

You can find out for yourself which type you are through the official website: "Jovian Archive, the official site of the Human Design System"


Human Design Chart


If you would like to get a professional reading of your chart, your data will be analysed with the software "Maia Mechanics Imaging" which is licensed to the name of your analyst.

By doing this you can help avoid contact with various plagiarised versions of this software, which can result in an unprofessional analysis and an incorrect reading of your chart.